BCP Group offers a Senegalese startup

The Moroccan bank Banque Centrale Populaire Populaire (BCP) is in the process of finalizing its acquisition of majority stake in the capital of a Senegalese startup whose name has not been unveiled.

The director general of the BCP, Kamal Mokdad, nonetheless revealed on the sidelines of the 3rd conference « Meet The Lead » organized by Startup Grind Casablanca on Thursday November 29, that it is a start-up based in Senegal which counts in its capital the Total Group.

This interest of the BCP would have been caused by a mobile payment solution developed by the relevant startup. And Kamal Mokdad declares that « this solution makes it possible to digitize all state subsidy payments to farmers, thus avoiding the various corrupt practices, and also allows for cash-to-goods transfers for ensure that the money is not diverted when it is sent by the diaspora to the beneficiaries « .

Lastly, the Group’s Senegalese subsidiary, Atlantic Business International, has been looking for startups that have developed solutions that are more or less ready to meet the needs of the rural world, after winning a call for tenders. launched by the MasterCard Foundation to encourage private sector companies to implement innovative solutions that can improve financial inclusion in rural areas.


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