Exclusive interview with Mamadou Bocar Sy, Director General of the Senegal Housing Bank (BHS)

Mamadou Bocar Sy: "the role of a housing bank is to finance access to housing". His career began at the Credit Department of the Banque de l'Habitat in Senegal in 1988. He has for 10 years, developed a strong expertise in financial analysis and modeling and mastered the various instruments of financing real estate . In 1998, he joined the BNP Paribas subsidiary in Senegal, BICIS as Deputy Director of the Retail and Institutional Clients Department, in charge of the Real Estate Finance division, and thus participated in the development of strategies and development plans for BNP Paribas. the real estate activity of the subsidiary. It was in 2004 that the first Real Estate Department was created within a universal bank in Senegal and it was natural that the decision to give him the reins was taken. He also served on the Board of BHS on behalf of BICIS before returning in 2006 as Deputy Director General. It enhances the operational strength of the BHS, initiates projects to improve the quality of service and reinforces the proximity of the BHS with the promoters. In December 2010, he was appointed Managing Director of BHS and declared with his team that he would make the bank the flagship of West African institutions specializing in the financing of real estate for all. His vision of the development of the BHS has been translated through BHS 2015 & BHS 2020 strategic orientation plans with innovative and structuring projects. In recognition of his involvement in the institutional positioning of the Bank, Mr. SY was copied as a director on March 26, 2014, becoming Director-General Manager of the Banque de l'Habitat of Senegal. And the advent of the Urban Poles allowed to test the operationality of the Bank's expertise in the financing of affordable housing.
BHS, CHAMPION OF BANKS OF HABITAT To understand the economic model of housing banks, we approached one of the actors in the field. General Director

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