Small Leo recruits 300,000 customers for UBA

Open an account, transfer money, buy phone credit or locate a Gab? Little Leo has an answer to everything.

Launched on July 5, 2018 by United Bank For Africa (UBA), chat banking is emulated. The fictional character responds to greetings and guides the client to the service of his choice. The dialogue via the Facebook Messenger application.

For example, if the customer chooses the option “open an account”, he must provide his identifiers, surname and first name, address and photocopy of the identity card. After having answered the questions, the user receives a PDF document formalizing his commitment and whose terms he must accept. The account number is unveiled in part.

To date, 300,000 customers are registered by Leo who returns any customer to the agency of his choice with a kindness difficult to get in agency. Currently available in only 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, Leo will be available globally from September 2018.

With Leo, you can open an account, fund transactions, reload the communication credit, the mini-statement of account, the statement of account, the check of the balance, the service of assistance to the customer, enter and view claims, confirmation or cancellation of a check.

Not surprising given such performances that UBA is designated best digital bank of Africa during the Euromoney Awards.


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