Mali: our meeting with Soumaila Cissé

Second in the first round of presidential elections in Mali, Soumaila Cissé will face the outgoing president on 12 August. A remake of 2013.

Here is a portrait of Soumaila Cissé written by Nassrallah Belkhayate who met him for a long time and interviewed a few weeks ago in Casablanca (Morocco).

Soumaïla Cissé was born on December 20, 1949 in Timbuktu, Mali. He is married since 1978 to Astan Traoré. They have four boys, two of them twins. A Malian politician, Soumayla is one of the most respected African leaders on the Continent for his lucidity, patience, wisdom, skill, vision and spiritual love for his country.

He embodies the new generation of leaders, exemplified by young people, both rooted in African values ​​and open to modern methods of societal management. When I met him for the first time in Casablanca this year, I was surprised by his ability to anticipate and express himself clearly on all facets of a prosperous future in Mali with deep respect for his passed from conqueror of Empire.

This same Mali that today, challenges the many challenges of development, modernization and employment of young people who are close to 70% of its population.

So I asked some questions about the future of this nation. Then I noticed that he was concentrated body and soul on this analysis, that his luminous glance breathed the confidence in himself, that his listening was objective thus easily taking advantage of the intelligence of others, that his ideas were ordered and well arrested. Our country, Mali is in trouble. Our country needs immediate solutions. ”

We immediately feel that he is a great man, he does not look for his words, He knows exactly what Mali has to do and how to do it. On the other hand, it does not criticize anyone, it makes observations, and is content to point out the flaws that risk, if nothing is done, to drive the country presto the country to rout or chaos. His professional and political career is solidly established. She speaks for herself. A career that grows slowly at the rate of brilliant studies in Mali, Senegal and France.

Son of a teacher “ambitious for Africa and demanding”, Soumaïla Cissé leads a brilliant schooling and is distinguished very early in the sciences. After his university degree in scientific studies from the University of Dakar in 1972, he enrolled at the University of Montpellier where he obtained, four years later, his Masters in Computer Methods Applied to Management (MIAGE).

In 1977, he is an engineer in computer science and management and major of his promotion of the Institute of Computer Sciences of Montpellier. His academic career was awarded at the third cycle by a Certificate of Business Administration obtained in 1981 at the Institute of Business Administration of Paris.

From her professional experience as a manager of French companies, Soumaïla Cissé will retain: “the method, the strategic vision and the operational leadership of the leaders”. He emerges with perfect mastery in this area and unlike experts from the Malian diaspora, he makes a decision now inscribed in a golden letter in the African annals: he will build with his brothers in the country a new and modern Mali. Today he is amazed by his courage the pride of many young Africans from Morocco to Madagascar. Africa must rely only on itself!

Soumaila Cissé, the candidate of the platform “Together Restore Hope” had held, on July 25 and 26, 2018, 18th and 19th days of the presidential campaign, giant meetings in Koro, Bankass, Bandiagara, Djenné and Barema Bocoum stadium. of Mopti. Faced with these populations who suffer from growing insecurity, the candidate promised to bring peace and strengthen social cohesion through dialogue between communities and put an end to other evils such as unemployment, food insecurity. The candidate Soumaila Cissé has been welcomed everywhere by a popular jubilation because for all this mobilization mobilization, he is the only savior of this country.

Malian women, too, are gaining more and more confidence in this popular and historic movement. You know, explains a Malian mother living in Morocco, look at her face, you will read the light of our country »» Yes launches Fatou a president of association installed in Casablanca, it is our luck, Soumayla! Women are not wrong! We trust him, look at his past and his family integrity, he is a wise man and he will succeed because he is blessed morning and evening! Whether one is Bambara or Fulani, it is our messenger! “. Alioune Diallo, a young student from Rabat adds “There is something else, too, many people do not know, but the vote is above all a testimony before God to which one will have to answer one day. I vote Soumayla. Why ? because for me, despite all the hardships that fall on him at the moment, he finds the strength to smile at all and to give hope to all of my people!


Nassrallah Belkhayate

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