Equatorial Guinea ready to connect to Kribi cable landing

After signing a memorandum of understanding, on September 29, 2017, with the consortium in charge of Cameroon-Brazil submarine fiber optic cable, formed by China Unicom and the incumbent Cameroon Telecommunications (Camtel), for to become a member, Equatorial Guinea has just released an envelope of 18 billion CFA francs to connect to fiber optics from Cameroon.

An agreement has been signed for this purpose between the company responsible for the management of telecommunications infrastructure in Equatorial Guinea (GITGE) and CAMTEL. Under the terms of the agreement, “GITGE will be able to connect to the Kribi Cable Landing”, the South Atlantic Inter Link submarine cable landing station.

The 6,000-kilometer fiber optic cable is managed by CAMTEL, the country’s incumbent telecommunications operator.

Note that Equatorial Guinea and Cameroon are connected by the cities of Malabo, Bata and Kribi through a submarine cable called “Ceiba-2”, a length of 400 km and a technical capacity of 40 Gbps extensible at 100 Gbps.

By joining this optical fiber, Equatorial Guinea intends to take advantage of the very high speed Internet infrastructure being deployed to improve its data capacity and provide its populations with high quality Internet service.


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