Africa must advocate economic nationalism to face capitalists (Makhtar Diouf)


Professor Makhtar Diouf denounced Tuesday, August 1st in Dakar, protectionist practices implemented by developed countries to distort the terms of international trade.

In a context of globalization and “trade war”, Africa must use “economic nationalism” to avoid marginalization and be the eternal supplier of raw materials, he said.

In a statement published on the sidelines of the program day of the Economic and Monetary Research Laboratory (LAREM), held on July 31 in Dakar and whose theme is “cross-views on the Senegalese economy,” Samir Amine’s disciple largely reverted to the concepts of globalization, economic nationalism and new measures of developed countries to absorb those of weak economies.

For him, it will be necessary to make Africans aware of the danger of globalization, which “constitutes a new approach to plunder the continent’s resources”. In his paper “Economic Patriotism, Economic Nationalism and Globalization,” the academic said, “The two terms economic patriotism and national preference are equivalent. The second reinforcing the first. Economic patriotism is reinforced by the idea of ​​national preference, which can be summed up in one term, economic nationalism, which has long been used in economic literature.

“The old idea of ​​ancient practices was put back into the political debate by Dominique de Villepin, when Prime Minister of France, he declares September 23, 2005, ” I wish to gather all our energies around a true economic patriotism, “he said.

And to continue: “the interest and the topicality of the subject are such that the academic magazine of the political economy published in Paris devotes a whole number to him under the title which economic patriotism”.


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