Ivory Coast: a new government of forty members

The Ivorian president has appointed a new government team whose management has again been entrusted to Gon Coulibaly. Ten new personalities are entering the new team open to all parties members of RHDP, the ruling political coalition.

Below, the list of the members of the government made public this July 10:

1- Mr. Amadou Gon COULIBALY, Prime Minister, Head of Government, Minister of Budget and State Portfolio

2- Minister of State, Minister of Defense: Mr. Hamed BAKAYOKO

3- Minister of Foreign Affairs: Mr. Marcel AMON-TANOH

4- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Mr. Abdallah Albert Toikeusse MABRI

5- Minister of National Education, Technical Education and Vocational Training: Ms. Kandia KAMISSOKO CAMARA

6- Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice and Human Rights: Mr. Sansan KAMBILE

7- Minister of the Interior and Security: Mr. Sidiki DIAKITE

8- Minister of Water and Forests: Mr. Alain Richard DONWAHI

9- Minister of African Integration and Ivorians Abroad: Mr. Ally COULIBALY

10- Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development: Mr. Mamadou Sangafowa COULIBALY

11- Minister of Animal and Fisheries Resources: Mr. Kobenan Kouassi ADJOUMANI

12- Minister of Planning and Development: Ms. Nialé KABA

13- Minister of Transport: Mr. Amadou KONE

14- Minister of Employment and Social Protection: Mr. Pascal Abinan KOUAKOU

15- Minister of Economy and Finance: Mr. Adama KONE

16- Minister of Construction, Housing and Town Planning: Mr Bruno Nabagné KONE

17- Minister of Health and Public Hygiene: Mr. Aouélé Eugène AKA

18- Minister of the City: Mr. François Albert AMICHIA

19- Minister of Mines and Geology: Mr. Jean Claude KOUASSI

20- Minister of Sanitation and Sanitation: Mrs. Anne Désirée OULOTO

21- Minister of Modernization of Public Service Administration and Innovation: Ms. Raymonde GOUDOU – COFFIE

22- Minister of Culture and Francophonie: Mr. Maurice Kouakou BANDAMAN

23- Minister of Equipment and Road Maintenance: Mr. Amedé Koffi KOUAKOU

24- Minister of Petroleum, Energy and Renewable Energies: Mr Thierry TANOH

25- Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development: Mr. Joseph SEKA SEKA

26- Minister of Women, Family and Children: Mrs. Ramata LY-BAKAYOKO

27- Minister of Solidarity, Social Cohesion and the Fight against Poverty: Mrs Mariatou KONE

28- Minister of Commerce, Industry and Promotion of SMEs: Mr. Souleymane DIARRASSOUBA

29- Minister of Handicrafts: Mr. Sidiki KONATE

30- Minister of the Digital Economy and the Post Office: Mr. Claude Isaac DE

31- Minister of Public Service: Mr. Issa COULIBALY

32- Minister of Communication and Media, Spokesman of the Government: Mr. Sidi Tiémoko TOURE

33- Minister of Tourism and Recreation: Mr. Siandou FOFANA

34- Minister of Sports: Mr. Paulin DANHO

35- Minister of Hydraulics: Mr. Laurent TCHAGBA

36- Minister of Promotion of Youth and Youth Employment, Deputy Spokesperson of the Government: Mr. Mamadou TOURE

State Secretariats

1- Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of Budget and State Portfolio: Mr. Moussa SANOGO

2- Secretary of State to the Prime Minister, in charge of the Promotion of Private Investment: Mr. Emmanuel Esmel ESSIS

3- Secretary of State for Civic Service: Mr. Siaka OUATTARA

4- Secretary of State to the Minister of Justice, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, in charge of Human Rights: Mrs. Aimee ZEBEYOUX

5- Secretary of State to Minister of Commerce, Industry and Promotion of SMEs, responsible for the Promotion of SMEs: Mr. Félix ANOBLE


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