Fagace and the Moroccan GCC sign a partnership led by Finactu

It is under the leadership of Finactu that the African Fund for Guarantee and Economic Cooperation (Fagace) has committed itself alongside the Central Guarantee Fund (CCG), leader of the guarantee in Morocco on a partnership agreement concerning technical assistance in the area of ​​financing of the MSMEs and risk management.

Concluded on June 29, 2018 in Casablanca, the agreement was signed between FAGACE’s Executive Director, Minafou Fanta Coulibaly-Kone, and Hicham Zanati-Serghini, General Manager of the CGC.

Throughout the 14 African countries where it is present, Fagace has initiated a strategic renewal thanks to the launch of the FAGACE 2.0 plan, which is based on a refocusing of the product offer, exclusively around the guarantee intended for VSEs / SMEs. new governance and a new business model.

As a Moroccan public financial institution, the GCC provides the financial sector with an offer adapted to the TMEs through guarantee, co-financing and top-end financing. It also supports social development through the guarantee of loans to the social housing.


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