CGF Bourse celebrates its 20th anniversary

Former banker at the Citi, Gabriel Fal launched CGF Bourse in 1998 while the Regional Stock Exchange began. Twenty years later, the first SGI approved in Senegal, carried on baptismal font with 6 employees counts 39 and, above all, a long pedigree of operations arranged and structured on the regional financial market.

Among other things, the listing of Sonatel, which now accounts for 43% of the BRVM’s capitalization, the bond issue of the Autonomous Port of Dakar in 2003 and, two years later, the very first bond issue of the State of Senegal buckled with a record underwriting of 90 billion FCFA against an initial offer of 45 billion FCFA.

Abroad, the CGF teams accompanied, in partnership with an SGI of the CEMAC zone, the first loan (100 billion FCFA) of the State of Chad. A first between the two sub-zones of the CFA Franc space.

Reinforced in 2001 by CGF Gestion, an investment agency and the first approved asset management company, the group celebrated its twentieth anniversary on July 9th in Dakar in the presence of the entire National Business Council.

Testimonies on the occasion praised the audacity of Gabriel Fal, a financier who has climbed the ladder of Citi before taking a risk, which, 20 years later, has borne fruit as say Evelyne Tall, former director of Ecobank and Pierre Goudiaby Atepa, current PCA of the BRVM.

Certified ISO since 2005 on all its processes, CGF Bourse continues its great history. The company managed since 2012 by Marie Odile Kantousan while the founder took a step back, becoming the PCA, has just won a QSG-1 rating, equivalent to five stars, with the agency Wara, certainly a prelude to a new page which is announced.


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