762 merchant ships docked in Gabon in 2017

The Gabon Ports and Harbors Authority (OPRAG) held on Thursday its board of directors under the direction of its chairman, Pierre Reteno Ndiaye, appointed on November 23, 2017. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Gabonese Refining Company ( SOGARA), based in Port-Gentil.

During the year 2017, 762 ships stayed in Gabon against 752 in 2016, an increase of 1.3%. Regarding the volume of goods transited to the port, 7 million 19,639 tonnes were transported to the various ports compared with 5 million 799 thousand 409 tonnes in 2017.
Sales in 2017 amounted to CFAF 11 billion 453 million, compared with CFAF 12 billion 962 million in 2016, a decrease of 11.6%.

Similarly, net income fell from 621 million CFA francs in 2016 to 577 million CFA francs in 2017, a decrease of 7%.

OPRAG has been engaged for several years in a process of concessioning. The ports at the Owendo (Libreville) and Port Gentil maritime estuary, managed until now by OPRAG, a public body under the Ministry of Merchant Marine, are now under concession.
Among the private actors who take charge of the handling, storage and consolidation activities, mention is made of the National Customs and Transit Company (SNAT-Bolloré Group), SDV (Bolloré Group), GETMA (Maersk / 33% Danish, 72% French ) and SATRAM (Moroccan private operator). OPRAG was established on March 3, 1974.


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