G5 Sahel: creation of a fund to manage contributions


The countries of G5 Sahel, Mali, Chad, Burkina Faso, Niger and Mauritania, announced Monday, January 08, in Bamako the creation of a trust fund to manage the promised aid to their joint anti-jihadist force.

This decision comes a week before a new meeting in Paris between Member States and donor countries.

For the transparent management of this fund, it will have two bodies, a support committee and an oversight committee open to bilateral and multilateral partners. 294 million euros have already been pledged to the anti-jihadist force of G5 Sahel, said Monday the Burkinabe Minister Alpha Barry.

In particular, the European Union pledged 50 million, the United States pledged 60 million in bilateral aid, and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates respectively 100 and 30 million. euros.


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